Hello there, I’m Gareth from the UK and when I’m not busy working in travel, I travel some more. I took my first Interrail trip in Europe in 2013 and since then my passion has grown more for global train travel.

Why rail you ask? After all flights are fast and give you more time in the destination… Travelling by rail is relaxing, comfortable and interesting. You can relax and admire the changing scenery in the nice inexpensive dining cars with a beer in hand, meeting people making interesting journeys of their own.

Sounds idyllic right? Well the romance continues with night trains which have cosy cabins and are cost effective – think of it as a cheap date and save cash on that non-existent hotel bill!

For me the journey is a fundamental part of any holiday, providing long lasting memories. Flights do have their place, but they don’t offer any insight into the geographical area you are travelling through to get to your destination. That’s wasting time, unless you really like planes, and lets not forget the challenge of climate change.

In these more travel conscious times, on Rail-Away, I aim to showcase the fantastic experiences I’ve taken advantage of by travelling by train. I hope to show how fun it can be through my pictures and commentary and maybe I can tempt you to travel by rail on your next international trip?

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I was pleased to meet Simon Reeve on 9th October in 2018 at the Sage Gateshead (top bloke) and to purchase his latest book. I asked him to motivate me to travel more (as if I needed it!) and he wrote this while grabbing my shoulders and literally shaking some sense into me.

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